Thank you for your interest in Heeling Partners of the Roaring Fork Valley. We are an all-volunteer, non-profit 501c(3)organization based in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Our mission is to assist dog/handler teams in making therapeutic visits to facilities within the community by providing:

 -   Information on where to obtain training, evaluation and insurance to become a dog/handler team qualified to make therapeutic visits

 -   A list of facilities welcoming therapeutic visits from dog/handler teams; types of facilities could include assisted living, nursing homes, hospice care, schools and libraries

-   Assistance to facilities wishing to receive therapeutic visits from a dog/handler team

-   Presentations to groups wishing to learn about therapeutic team visits

-   Meetings for Heeling Partners members (and their evaluated dogs) to share experiences, ideas, and feedback about their visits; brainstorm new ideas; hear about volunteer opportunities; socialize; and have fun
We provide our services to facilities located in the Colorado Roaring Fork Valley from Glenwood Springs to Basalt. You may live anywhere and visit Heeling Partners facilities in these locations. We also provide help to individuals or groups starting their own programs in other locations. Anyone may become a member of Heeling Partners, with or without a dog.


If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, please make your check out to "Heeling Partners" and mail to:
     Heeling Partners
     PO Box 2628
     Glenwood Springs, CO 81602