You and your dog need to be evaluated as a working team. This helps determine that you have control of your dog and that your dog enjoys doing therapy dog work. In addition, the organization you evaluate with provides limited insurance during your visits.

After doing extensive research we selected the following organizations as both skilled and reputable for doing team evaluations:

     Alliance of Therapy Dogs
     Evaluator in the Roaring Fork Valley are:
     -  Trish Hittinger (970-945-5943) at
     -  Davy Lampman (970-618-4597) at
     -  Terena Thomas (970-524-1440) at

     Pet Partners (formerly the Delta Society)
    There is no evaluator in the Roaring Fork Valley

After passing the dog/handler evaluation, you are ready to join us as a visiting member (see below).


We provide therapy dog services to facilities located in the Colorado Roaring Fork Valley from Glenwood Springs to Basalt. We also provide help to individuals or groups starting their own programs in other locations. We welcome you to become a member of Heeling Partners as soon
To join us, complete Heeling Partners Application shown above. There is a $20 per year member fee, but we do not turn away anyone for lack of funds. After receiving your application, we meet you we will contact you and go from there!

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