You and your dog need to be evaluated as a working team. This helps determine that you have control of your dog and that your dog enjoys doing therapy dog work. In addition, the organization you evaluate with provides limited insurance during your visits.

After doing extensive research we selected the following organizations as both skilled and reputable for doing team evaluations:

     Alliance of Therapy Dogs
     Evaluator in the Roaring Fork Valley are:
     -  Trish Hittinger (970-945-5943) at
     -  Davy Lampman (970-618-4597) at
     -  Terena Thomas (970-524-1440) at

     Pet Partners (formerly the Delta Society)
    There is no evaluator in the Roaring Fork Valley

After passing the dog/handler evaluation, you are ready to join Heeling Partners and become a visiting member.


To join us, complete the application form below or contact Trish Hittinger at 970-945-5943 or for a hard copy. There is a $20 per year member fee, but we do not turn away anyone for lack of funds. After receiving your application, we will contact you and go from there!

Heeling Partners of the Roaring Fork Valley
Last Update: 03/18/2017
Name: ___________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________

City/Zip: __________________________________________________________________

 Phone number(s): __________________________________________________________


 How did you hear about Heeling Partners? _____________________________________

Dog’s Name: _____________________________________ Sex _____ Neutered? ____

Breed: __________________________________________ Birthdate:_______________
 Mark which organization(s) have evaluated and certified you and your dog:
 _____ Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD)  ID#______________________________
______ Pet Partners ID#______________________________

 _____ Not yet evaluated
Please check all the following you would have an interest in:
___ Serve on the Board of Directors of Heeling Partners
 ___ Visit a school(s) with my dog (visits are on a set schedule on a week day)
 ___ Visit a library with my dog for reading programs (visits are on a set schedule)
 ___ Visit Valley View Hospital patients with my dog
 ___ Visit a nursing home/retirement center with my dog
 ___ Help with tasks necessary to the functioning of Heeling Partners programs
____Help plan a Heeling Partners get-together
____Present to community organizations
____Mentor a dog/handler team to help them prepare for the evaluation
____Other (please specify):_________________________________________________

MEMBER AGREEMENT (for active and support members)
By my signature below, I agree to the following:
I give permission to release my contact information (phone and email) to Heeling Partners members and to facilities which I visit.
When visiting facilities as a Heeling Partners dog/handler team, I will do so only under these circumstances:
• I am current in my evaluation/insurance status with, Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD), Pet Partners or other approved (by Heeling Partners) organization. I understand that membership in Heeling Partners does not include insurance coverage. Your insurance coverage comes with or through the evaluating/certifying organization.

• My dog and I will display ID from the evaluating organization showing we are a team approved to provide therapeutic visits. At Valley View Hospital, my dog will wear the official dog vest and tag at all times.

• I agree to abide by the rules, policies and procedures at the facilities I visit.

• I agree that additional orientation/evaluation is required if I wish to visit Valley View Hospital.

• I agree Heeling Partners may require me to be re-evaluated for visitation at Valley View Hospital at any time per the discretion of the program coordinator and/or the Heeling Partner’s Board.

• I will not visit if I am ill or injured or my dog is ill or injured. If I am unable to make my scheduled visit for any reason, I will attempt to find a substitute by contacting other visiting teams or program coordinator.

• I agree that my participation/visitation with any Heeling Partner program is solely at the discretion of the program coordinator and the Heeling Partner’s Board.
Member Signature_________________________________________________________
Date: ____________________
Heeling Partners is a 501(c)3 charitable organization; There is a yearly $20.00 tax-deductible donation for membership, but you may give more or less. We do not turn away anyone for lack of funds. Please mail your completed application and donation (made out to “Heeling Partners”) and a copy of your ATD or Pet Partners current ID card to: Heeling Partners of the Roaring Fork Valley PO Box 2628   Glenwood Springs, CO 81602
Please call Jacquie Tannenbaum at 720-979-6310 if you have any additional questions/concerns. Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Heeling Partners!