The places listed on this page have been described as welcoming dogs practicing to become therapy dog teams. ALWAYS CONFIRM the “dog friendly” status of businesses/locations prior to entering with your dog since policies change over time. Heeling Partners relies on word-of-mouth to maintain this list and does not guarantee its accuracy. Please contact Jacquie Tannenbaum at or 720-979-6310 if you have suggestions.

Please keep the following practices in mind when visiting and socializing with your dog:
-        practice “good manners” when taking your dog out in public
-        keep your dog on a leash (not flexi-leash) and under control
-        monitor your dog for appropriate behavior and signs of stress
-        limit the visit to an amount of time your dog can comfortably handle
-        after socialization, give your dog time to play and “de-stress”


 -        Alpine Bank
-        Gregory Park (smallish sized park)
-        High Tails Dog and Cat Outfitters (
-        O’Reilly’s Auto Parts
-        RCC Western (allows dog teams practicing for therapy dog test)
-        Staples

WEST GLENWOOD MOTEL STRIP (along highways 6 & 24 and east Devereaux Road)
-        Two Rivers Park (bike/skateboard park is a nice place to get exposure to "wheelie" things;  many people with dogs go there on Sundays to throw and fetch tennis balls and there are lots of extra people during baseball season; do NOT bring dogs to concerts held there)

WATER PARK AREA (west Devereaux Road and Dairy Queen)
-        Water Park (good place to practice steps, lots of people there in the summer)

-        No Name Creek Trail (No Name exit off freeway; turn left at the top of the ramp and go up the holler until you get to the parking spot for the Jessie Weaver Trail; good trail for dogs learning to come when called because the parking area is away from the highway a good distance; trail starts as a dirt road going past a private home, past a municipal water site, then transitions to hiking trail)

-        Grizzly Creek Trail (Grizzly Creek exit off freeway; continue past the rest area to another parking area on your left; trail can be quite narrow and steep, so be very careful with puppies who could fall into dangerous rushing water in the spring time if they aren’t on a harness and leash)

-        Pier 1 (dog friendly, but they have lots of little breakable stuff)
-        Petco

 -        Sayre Park (generally has a number of people when the weather is good)
-        Centennial Park (very small park, but nice place to bring dogs on Tuesday in the summer for Farmer’s Market to meet people and practice not reacting to other dogs)
-        Scout (hiking) Trail (go all the way east on 8th Street to get to the trail head; not much parking and it is a popular spot for mountain bikers to ride downhill, so heads up)
-        Open Gate Assisted Living (be sure to called ahead of your visit)
-        Grace Healthcare Nursing Home (talk to the activities director Mon-Fri; the weekend staff isn’t comfortable giving the ok for a dog visit)
-        Summit Canyon

-        Dog park (behind and to the right of Safeway, along the walking trail; entirely fenced)
-        Bike/Walk Trail (dogs on leash)


-        Heritage Park Care Center (call ahead for permission and bring copy of current rabies vaccination)
 -        Marion Gulch area (right hand turn off Thompson Creek Road just before the Nordic Ski area; watch for ski mobiles; they pack trails all the way to Powderhorn near Grand Junction; walk, cross country ski, snow shoe; we have access to this area thanks to the Cattlemen's Association so it is important to respect their signs and keep gates closed)
-        Just beyond the Nordic Ski on highway 108 (Thompson Creek Road); road is unplowed; great for skijoring and walking)
-        Large, open area by the Montessori School (not totally fenced; ranchers are sensitive about new-born calves in the pasture next to Delaney/Carbondale Nature Area Park, so it is really important that dogs not cross the irrigation ditch and stray into the pasture; it is legal in Colorado for people to shoot dogs chasing livestock and/or wildlife, so DO NOT let your dog into the pasture area)