Our evaluated, currently registered and insured dog/handler teams who actively make visits at one or more Heeling Partners’ location are:


Ann and Joia can be seen often at the Carbondale Library for Paws to Read and are frequent visitors at Heritage Park Care Center.

 Click here (then scroll to the bottom of that page) to read Ann’s interesting article on what it’s like to visit at Heritage.


Michele works at Valley View Hospital and Alpine Hospice as an RN. She has raised several puppies for Canine Companions for Independence, an organization that places service dogs, skilled companion dogs, facility dogs and hearing dogs to people at no cost. Michele and Lucy visit at Valley View Hospital and are back-ups for Paws to Read at the Basalt library. Michele is also the Coordinator of our Angels with Paws at Valley View Hospital.


Trish and her husband raised guide dog puppies when they lived in California. Fina was raised to be a guide dog, completed most of her final training, but was eventually "career changed.” Trish and Fina now do Paws to Read at the Basalt Library. One of the many things that makes Fina special is her attentiveness to people's moods. One day during Paws to Read when a child was struggling with her story, Fina put her paw on the girl's arm; the girl smiled and relaxed. Trish handles the websit, and is a Tester/Observer for Alliance of Therapy Dogs.